Inspired by nature

It is easy to forget what a beautiful world we live in simply due to the lifestyles we have let ourselves fall into.  If someone had asked me two years ago, where do I see myself in a couple of years, I would never have said running a small business with my husband at home.  I have always been a career-driven, independent and curious person.  The ability to be free was and always will be the most important factor in life for me.  The way I educate my daughters also strongly reflects my need for them to be free-willed, and be able to do what they want when they want.   

I am writing this post on Earth Day, although I believe every day should be earth day.  We should be thankful for the planet we are living on and for all that has been provided to give us inspiration, fresh air and seasons around the year.  I have grown to appreciate nature and all that it has to offer in the past year.  Despite the lock-down restrictions imposed in Britain, I find myself feeling at ease when I am out in a park or finding ways to be free in the confines of my own home.  Before the pandemic, you would not describe me as an outdoorsy person, if anything, far from it.  I am not the camping, hiking type.  I did not enjoy walking outdoors in the sun, rain, snow other any condition.  To be honest, I am not saying that now I can hike or go climb a mountain, but I have begun enjoying the moments I spend with my daughters outdoors, admiring nature.  We have recently finished some external works in our garden and driveway, which have led me to visit garden centres and nurseries in search of suitable plants for the outdoor parts of our home.  We don’t have a huge garden, but it is a decent size, with lots of flower beds to fill.  I’m already getting super excited just thinking about all the different colours I can fit into our blank canvas.  

My designs and creations for SiRaeYa have reflected my love for colour.  I like to try new combinations, find my love in everything I make.  Even when it doesn’t turn out amazing or up to my standards, I am happy I gave the outrageous colour combinations a try.  Around our house, there are random bursts of colour, a storage basket in my daughters’ rooms in a vibrant colour or funky curtains here and there.  All this have been inspired by the nature we have around us.  

Following my visit to Kew Gardens and ZSL London Zoo last week, I have taken so many pictures of things that make my mind go to my next creation.  I have been planning a colourful and fun collection this week to share with all of you at our next product showcase.  I love being able to concentrate on making all week, and anticipating all your amazing reactions the following week, it has been giving me the right amount of time and attention I can put into each and every creation.  When I say that I don't mean simply that zebras are black and white, therefore monochrome will be my next creative phase, but more how do the flowers make me feel, or the calmness of the lack of visitors in this gardens and how the life around us that has changed quite a lot are being inputted into my designs.  

You may have seen some of the photographs I took while spending time in nature on our social media and in our newest creations, you will be able to spot the designs inspired by the colours our world has to offer.  I am thoroughly enjoying myself creating unique pieces and the fact that I am able to plan the time to write about it could not be more of a bonus.  I hope to share more about my creative process with you all here and on socials so please like, save and share whenever you have a moment. Every little does help. 



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