Let's support small businesses

One of the most rewarding things about creating unique products and running my own small business is the amazing networking I have been able to have with all these fantastic brand owners around the country. Before I started SiRaeYa, I don't think I quite realised how friendly and special the handmade community is. I could never have imagined how easy it is to get helpful advice regarding starting and succeeding in my small business. The competitiveness in small businesses is quite different from the ones I am used to in the fast fashion corporate world.

Watching all the different things happening in the world, it is making me realise how important it is to support the right businesses especially when it is essential to the survival of the economy in which we live in. I have spent more than half my life in the U.K., studying, working and now living here fulltime. I find that as long as I am buying what we need as a family from British businesses whom predominantly produce their goods within the country, we are doing our part in keeping the money within the economy. When we purchase things in big brand shops or department stores, we are supporting the economies of countries where the residents, very rarely will return to Britain to spend their wages, hence letting our money leave our economy permanently.


As a small business myself, I have realised a list of factors why it is essential to support small businesses consistently. Instead of one purchase a year, small businesses rely on return customers and building a strong relationship with the people who enjoy their creations. I purchase most of my fabric from within England, trying my best to support local businesses. Instead of making big purchases, I make sure I place small orders once a week, to ensure a steady flow of income for the store, as well as not to crowd my fabric storage system, which is already on overload. Here are just a few more reasons why you should choose to shop small and local:

  1. You will be supporting the local economy, local jobs, local families.

  2. You are much more likely to receive good customer service and personal experience.

  3. Many small businesses buy their supplies from other small businesses, therefore you are helping an entire chain of local businesses when shopping with one.

  4. You will find unique, different, one in a million items to buy.

  5. You can speak to the owners directly, and find out why they are so passionate about what they do. Often you will find yourself learning something new about their industry too.

  6. Even the smallest of orders will mean the world to a small business owner, big chains only see you as a number.

  7. Small businesses can offer great value products without the added costs which can be present in big chain stores.

Even if you are not in the position to shop with a small business right now, please head onto social media and help to share, like and save their posts. It is important for us to help small businesses share their passion. A double tap from you could be the difference of a small business reaching more potential customers.


Let's all help small businesses together!

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