Slow Living

We are living in a strange time.  If the pandemic has taught me anything, it is to stop rushing and to pursue fulfilment.  We have been making dramatic changes as a family in the last 12 months, from a travelling family of 5 exploring as many cities as we can around the world, to embracing the calm, simple and fulfilling way of life in our countryside home.  All the different aspects of our lives are changing, from what car we drive, what we eat, what we wear, how we plan our personal relationships and how we work.  As a family, we have slowed down the high-speed runway technology keeps us on, and living a more conscious lifestyle.  

The term that society has chosen to describe this phenomena is, slow living.  This is the term that acts as an umbrella which makes these first seemingly disparate trends all make sense.  Slow living is a reflection of the evolution we are taking as a society as we make these shifts in all facets of our lives from our cars, our closets, the workplace, to the way we spend our leisure time.  

Instead of drinking "power" beverages such as Gatorade, Red Bull, we return to drinking water and juices of all natural varieties.  We have been trying our best to make out swaps in our life, to live a simple, mindful way of life.  Fittingly, the process has been a slow one.  

To start with, we have made some small changes to our lives starting with the way we store our food.  Before we explored the idea of slow living or whether it was suitable for us, we used plastic ziplock bags to store our snacks and leftover foods.  We have swapped to using reusable snack bags, fabric sandwich wraps since October 2020, and so far, it has been going great.  It has been easy to wash the wraps and bags with our washing, or with our dishes.  It's both simple and saves a lot of money.  


At the same time, I have returned to garment making.  This is something I did when I was at school all the way to the end of my twenties, but then due to job change, had to stop.  It was the hustle which stopped me from pursuing something I have always loved doing, but now I am back into sewing clothing for my family.  Making our own clothes have been so fun, especially when it is for the little ones.  

Another great idea for transitioning into slow living is the fact that we do not purchase our gifts for friends and family anymore.  We put our efforts into designing for our loved ones and it is something extra special.  All our gifts are then unique, bespoke and designed for the recipient specifically.  When you purchase gifts from a chain store, it usually comes with plastic packaging, and countess sleeves etc which all end up in the bin.  By making our own gifts, we put our gifts in handmade drawstring gift bags, and off they go, to their new homes.  

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