Slowing things down

I am approaching the 14 months mark of having been working from home now.  I slighted working from home slightly earlier than everyone in the U.K. as my work is out of Singapore, and they encountered the virus slightly earlier than U.K. realised.  In the beginning, there was the anxiety, and doubt as with anything completely unexpected and new, but soon, I found myself adjusting quite well to the entire concept, or so I thought.  

Since I started SiRaeYa in May 2020, I have been finding myself working till the early hours of the morning, as I am juggling a full time job, three kids, renovations in our dream home and my newly started amazing new venture.  As you can imagine in any small business, I am the founder, which sounds snazzy and amazing, but at the same time also the designer, maker, marketing manager, packer, picker, sourcing manager, finance manager, accountant plus social media manager too!  Soon, things began to get harder, more complicated but since I was determined to create and make sure I have a wonderful brand with amazing products to offer to you all, I decided I would adopt a "less is more" way of working.  

What is my idea of "less is more"? 

It is as it says, I wanted to have time for my family and at the same time be able to pursue my dream, do something I love.  So, how do I make that "less" when it sounds like so much? I decided to involve my girls in the creative process of SiRaeYa.  I helped them help me decide which fabrics went well together and let me know what they thought were useful products to create for all of you.  

Our foldaway shopping bag was my eldest's idea.  She says we always forget to bring our bags for life, so maybe if they were fold-able, we can keep one in every single handbag, car compartment, where-ever, so that we would never forget.  As a matter of fact, our fold-able shopping bags are one of our bestsellers. The main reason you don't see many on our shop is because, whenever I make one, a friend asks to buy it, and it's gone.  I barely even get the chance to photograph it and get it onto the shop for all of you.  

Instead of coming up with new designs on a daily basis, which was what I did right at the beginning of the business, I decided to make a few good, practical items, and make lots of variations of that style of product.  It has been working well as customers have been giving me feedback about the sort of colours they would like to see more, and my fabric stash has gotten even more extensive.  

Utilising existing skills 

As some of you may know, I am normally, when not sewing, chasing after children or attempting to write my first novel, a editor at TIME magazine.  I spend my days writing articles on social behaviour, independence, empowerment, equality, parenting and psychology.  I decided that instead of trying to fit into a completely new industry I should utilise my existing skills, make life a little easier for myself but at the same time be able to offer value to my audience.  

I am somewhat camera shy and that is why you have not watched any videos of me, or reels of me doing funny dances to boost traffic on my social media platforms.  I have turned to writing, which I know I am good at, to try and convey the process of my creativity.  I hope this way, you can all know more about my creative process and know that I only ever try to offer you all an unique design using top quality materials.  

While leaning new things about social media marketing, SEO, website design have been a fun and exciting journey, I feel I need to chill out.  This is why I launched my self-care giveaway, to spread this idea to everyone.  I would like everyone to slow down, take a breath, realise there is more to life than the situation we may feel we have been forced into.  I have learned to be content with what I have and take a break from being busy all the time.  I find when I spend some time to support other small businesses, I find amazing products made by people who care about themselves, their customers, their passion.  It is and has been a truly wonderful journey.  Now, let's embark on this self-care journey together.   

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