What does SiRaeYa mean?

I have had a lot of queries as to what does my brand mean, so I guess I owe it to everyone to explain. SiRaeYa, with the capitals where they are positioned is actually made up of three Chinese characters.

Si - Silk, Rae - Flower bud, and Ya - elegance. These are the characters in each of my daughters' Chinese names. They all have English names too which they use on a daily basis but we stay true to our heritage by trying to teach them the fundamentals of their Chinese ancestry as well. Although they do not speak much Mandarin, I do my best in keeping them in the loop of all the important vocabulary and immerse them in Chinese arts, literature and important historical truths. Chinese names are suppose to reveal your character and your demeanour, but in my girls for some reasons, it sometimes is the complete opposite.

Si - Silk 

This character is part of my eldest's Chinese name. I wanted her life to be as smooth as silk, in a way silk is a delicate material, it is easily damaged, yet beautiful. That is the sort of girl I imagined my eldest to be. She is a kind and fragile soul, but I am not sure how to describe her robust bravery and at times, her stubbornness is even too much for me to deal with. Having said that, she is the inspiration for me to start SiRaeYa in the first place, so that says something right?

Rae - Flower Bud

Rae is actually the middle name of my second daughter. She is four years old, full of might, brave, head strong, and the most bossy person in our house. So, not as delicate as a flower bud but definitely as adorable and full of life as one. A native Chinese person may spell this character differently, such as "rui" or "rei" but I went for a character with the same pronunciation and here we are.

Ya - Elegance

Our youngest Nova shares this character in her name with my mother. She is my little baby, so I wanted a mellow and adorable name for her. She is equally as headstrong as her sisters however the kindest one of the three. She seems to be the only person who understands the concept of sharing. When her sisters leave a room, she always looks around for them and wonders whether they are OK. She is such a sweet little soul.

I think that pretty much sums up where the brand derived from. I wanted something unique, something which represented my designs fully. It may be difficult to say at times, but it is the idea behind a brand with history, oriental design features as well as being stylish in its own way.

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