Our newest addition to our store is a collection of decor embroidery hoops.  These come in an array of different colours and sizes.  I hang mine in our hallway, the girls' rooms as well as some in our guest room.  I even use a few in my sewing room as scissors and pen storage.  For more ways to use your decor hoop, head over to our Instagram to get inspired.  

The most important thing you need to know about styling your home with decor hoops is how to do it without damaging your walls.  Our decor hoops are made with cotton and vegan leather fabrics, occasionally with bits of trims and glitter.  These materials are sewn and attached to a bamboo hoop.  This means that they are relatively light.  

To hang our decor hoops (up to 10") we recommend using Scotch Foam Mounting Squares.  You place one at the top centre position of your hoop and hang it on.  This way, the foam mount removes without taking some of your wall's paint with it and it holds the weight perfectly.  

For our storage hoops, which are only a fraction heavier than the decor hoops, we recommend using 3M's command decorating clips.  These will be able to hold more weight as you use your storage hoops for your stationery or craft tools. 

Check out our decor and storage hoops in our shop now.  Order a personalised one with a special name or number and gift the gift of style today.