There are many pattern designers and writers out there. Since I've returned to sewing, I have been finding the few that I feel I click with. Of course, I have never met these pattern designers, but what I mean is their way of pattern writing. I need to have clear written instructions, along with clear photographs of each step. If there can be some kind of video tutorial too, then it would be ideal.

I first came across Sotak Handmade patterns while I was watching Youtube videos. I was searching for clutch-size wristlet bags to start with, and sort of stumbled on her time-lapse video of her making the Devon Pouch. It looked like a quick enough bag with a few bits I can customise, which was my initial attraction to the pattern. I like patterns where a few things are optional, or there are a few different pattern pieces, so if I was feeling wild one day, I could make a super colourful and adventurous-looking pouch. I have the link at the end of the post for where to buy Sotak Handmade's Devon Pouch pattern.

The Devon Pouch is extremely quick to come together. Sotak Handmade's patterns are measured and cut, so I tend to find it quite tedious to have to measure each and every time. This led me to draw out the pattern pieces on cardstock, and it has made life for me much easier. Now I can make a devon pouch from cut to finish in around 30 minutes, or less if there is not much interfacing.

So far, the combination I have made is with cotton and faux leather on the exterior and waterproof canvas on the inside. I find that this lets the bag hold its shape extremely well. It means that the bag will look like a bag and not flop or drop all over the place when it is empty. That is something quite important to me when I'm making bags, as I really love a bag to look like a bag, and not a pouch when I need to take it out on day outs.